Pumpables Genie Plus

The right solution for busy moms

The Pumpables Genie Plus has been designed for moms who are on the go. Small enough to pop in your handbag or wear in your pocket, you can stay on the move with the Genie Plus. 

With low level noise, 2.5 hours of pumping time from each charge and compatible with a range of different shields, you've found the portable pump that will work best for your life.

No more noise

It's hard to keep the noise down in a portable pump, and often they can sound pretty bad! We've worked hard to keep the noise down in the Genie Plus and you can feel confident that you'll be able to pump near your sleeping baby or in the office without anyone wondering what the noise is. 

Three breastshield sizes in the box

Using the wrong size is the top cause of pain when pumping. We've included three breastshield sizes in the box so you can mix and match for more comfortable pumping. Sizes in the box are 27mm, 24mm and 21mm, with additional sizes sold separately in our universal range.

2.5 hour battery life & super lightweight

Weighing at under 300g, and with an inbuilt rechargeable battery giving you 2.5 hours of pumping time, the Genie Plus is going to fit better into life when you're a mum on the go. Whether you're running after kids or juggling pumping with a work commute or office life, having a portable pump makes life easier. 

Pump into bags with bonus Pump2Bag set

Every second - and drop - counts when you're pumping, so save time and milk by pumping straight into breastmilk storage bags with our Pump2Bag clips. Bonus includes Pump2Bag clips and one box of Pumpables breastmilk storage bags. 

Reassurance of amazing customer service

We know that you're already in one of the most challenging stages in life, and trying to figure out how to use a new device when you're stretched can be tough. We want you to know that if you need help, we're here for you. Customer service by mums for mums and a two year warranty on your pump for peace of mind.


What comes with the Genie Plus?

Great question! The Genie Plus comes with absolutely everything you need double pump (pump from both breasts at once, saving you time). As well as the Genie Plus pump motor, there are two sets of bottles, teats, tubing and valves. We are also really excited to include a double set of breastshields in 3 different sizes (21mm, 24mm, 27mm) so you can be sure of the right fit.

What's the warranty like? What if I have a problem?

We take warranty claims seriously at Pumpables. If you have a problem and we'll trouble shoot with you. Most issues turn out to be assembly problems, so we can work with you to get that right. If your pump has a fault, we'll send a replacement to you and organise courier pickup on the faulty pump. We'll try to minimise any inconvenience to you as much as you can - it's the last thing you need as a mama! 

Are the parts BPA-free?

Of course! All parts in contact with your milk are free from BPA, phlalates and other nasties. 

Is the Genie Plus a closed system? 

Yes it is. The pump has a backflow protector (the bit that looks like a UFO) that creates a physical barrier between your milk and the motor, ensuring hygiene and motor life. 

What bottles / breastshields is the Genie Plus compatible with? 

The Genie Plus has a wide neck breastshield, so you can use any standard wide neck bottle like Spectra, Dr Brown, Avent and more. You can also use handsfree shields like Freemie and Youcup. 

Who are Pumpables anyway? 

We're glad you asked! We're inspired and driven to give new mamas the best experience possible both with their breast pump and as a customer.  You're very welcome to join the Pumpables Community and chat to us and other Pumpables mamas.