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Pumpables is a new company founded by women who understand breast pumps and what life is like as a pumping mother.

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Can you believe it? Finally our SuperGenie hospital grade breast pump has launched. Buy now. 

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Our first breast pump is a portable pump with single or double pumping, a gentle massage mode, closed system for hygiene, intelligent memory and more. 

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I’d tried breast pumps in the past but never really got on with them.. that combined with bottle refusing babies I probably gave up quicker than I’d like to admit. Then I was introduced to the Genie Plus 💫🍼✨ a silent double pump that has worked wonders

Keely Ledger

Facebook Review

The best breast pump I've ever used. I wasted so much money on others that were supposed to be good. This pump is so pain free as I found others nipped me a little. Super quiet so ideal for work and easy to commute about. 


Instagram Influencer

I pumped his afternoon feed quickly and quietly while he slept with my new Pumpables breast pump. So impressed by how quiet and small it is - perfect for those going back to work, travelling or those looking for a compact pump that still gets the goods with all the bells & whistles of a pump 4 x the price.

Lee Yen Chi

Facebook Review

I love my Genie Plus! It is so light, easy for me to carry to work. The battery can last very long, I don't even need to bring the charger out with me. Planning to bring this for travel, it won't take up much space. Worth buying :)

Kirsten Mann

Facebook Review

The product itself is great and easy to use, quiet and super portable. 

But apart from that the customer service is amazing and it always feel like you're talking to a friend not a company when you talk to them.

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